Grow Empire: Rome Mod Apk Money

Grow Empire: Rome Mod Apk
Grow Empire: Rome Mod Apk Grow Empire: Rome is a captivating game, Mixing Tower Defense (TD) and a strategy mechanism with Role-Playing Element (RPG).

You are Caesar, the great leader of the Roman Republic, your goal is to defeat other civilizations in ancient Europe with soldiers consisting of Roman soldiers, siege weapons, heroes and barbarian mercenaries. Get ready for the war!

Turn on a small republic in the heart of the Italian peninsula into the greatest civilization ever in the world. Lead a weak farmer group into a fierce battle to turn it into an invincible warrior.

Upgrade your fortress to survive the scariest barbarians and clans of Italy, Gallium, Carthage, and the Iberian Peninsula. Conquer them to expand your strengths and see the richness of your nation grow.

Glory is waiting for you Caesar!

Veni Vidi Vici!


• Tower Defense (TD), strategy and Role-Playing (RPG) elements.
• + 1400 waves for survival.
• + 100 Cities to be conquered in ancient Europe.
• + 1000 building improvements.
• + 35 Different Roman troops to research and unlock.
• 4 European enemy factions, each with + 12 different troops.
• Siege weapons and war elephants!
• 4 Heroes with special skills.
• + 18 skills to unlock.
• Free full game, no in-App!

Grow Empire: Rome Mod Apk Money

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