Girl Group Inc: Love Idol Mod Apk (Infinite money/starcoins)

Girl Group Inc: Love Idol Mod Apk
Girl Group Inc: Love Idol Mod Apk Girl Group Inc: Love Idol is a simulation game in which users will be able to play as CEO of an idol label company.

You will play as the new CEO of a small idol agent on the brink of bankruptcy
To uncover the potential of hidden idols and increase the company's idol into stars.

Depending on your skill and belief in the management system, your idol can become a known superstar in the world or disappear without words into the sea of idols.

How to Play

1) Find a path and scout many talented trainees

2) Train your idols in a variety of skills such as vocals, dance, comedy, acting, stamina, and intelligence

3) As new levels are reached, you can enhance your fandom through a variety of different broadcast requests

4) Raise the company's funding by creating popular girl groups and managing the sale of albums, goods, and concert tickets or attending different auditions to maximize your profits.

5) help grow your company with different investments available by upgrading buildings and hiring different coaches as your idols and companies grow.

6) by listening to and advising and accepting requests from idols, you will be able to build relationships with your company's idols.

7) You will also be able to improve the support of your shareholders through interviews from a variety of different sources.

8) Your company's fame will increase with every trophy gained during the year-end ceremony of the yearly

9) Create different units and expand abroad to release the album or Go on a world tour to manage and grow your idol

10) v Apps can communicate with fans and attract enthusiast enthusiasts. Like KPOP

Girl Group Inc: Love Idol Mod Apk (Infinite money/starcoins)

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