Game of Lords: Middle Ages and Dragons Mod Apk (Enemy can’t summon in battle/No cost build warriors in battle) + Obb

Game of Lords: Middle Ages and Dragons Mod Apk
Game of Lords: Middle Ages and Dragons Mod Apk The Valley of The North is waiting for his hero, Lords rush to seize power, Dragon battle has begun! Be the first!
You'll be immersed in an interesting story about the early brutal feud in the Northern Valley.
The peaceful life of Lords is a thing of the past after the heinous attack of Vargo tyrants, which are possessed by lust for power, and now only the outcome of the war will determine who gets the throne.
My lord, you must save the land of the kingdom by leading the Liberation Army together with General Gilbert. Overthrow The Traitor and discover a new ally between Lords of The Valley.
Are you ready to lose everything to start a difficult path to justice?
The siege of our land did not stop, tower defense and fortress destroyed. Save the kingdom from arrest by preventing the death of the North Valley!
Time to strike back and win the Royal Battle for the throne!
Battle the fun of Lords, with real-time tactics and conquests;
Conquest of the region, various buildings, and structures: The palace, the Tower of Defence, the barracks, the factory, Catapult, and others. If the kingdom is starving, more factories should help. If the siege of the castle needed-the slingshot would be useful;
Lots of combat options: use shields and swords in your Battles to thrones, throwing archers and swords alike into fights, or resorts to more magical means: Dragons and wizards! Use the landscaping features in battle: Cunning tactics will decide the outcome of the fight!
Various missions: Night siege, Dungeon, meeting between Dragon and man, battle in the middle of winter, and dangerous effort to the Wall,  "Conquest " mode, the feudal struggle for the crown, the war in Wasteland. The enemies of Lords have united to attack, using better tactics and strategies to battle against the enemy's numerical superiority. Choose the right battle tactics for each landscape: Hide behind the rocks, consider somehow using forests and rivers: turn obstacles into gains!
Some campaign stories: go all the way and become God, after winning the bloody Game of Thrones, unlocking all the secrets of the Kingdom. Who will get the throne?
Defeat powerful rulers in Battles for Thrones and confront Bosses: Giant, Titan, witch, etc.;
Unique abilities: Hire a mercenary to help your struggle for the throne, use the royal shelling or... Summon Dragons!
Improve tower defense, fortress and other buildings, do not let other rulers usurp the throne;
The Battle of the kingdom has begun! Get the crown of the battle to become the best God in the Northern Valley, collecting resources to raise armies and fortresses!
Find Easter eggs from the famous series and movies about medieval in the game of Lords;

In-Game of Lords, Lords from all over the world are already participating in fierce battles! Hurry to be the first in the ranks by collecting the best soldiers! Who is the best strategy? The battle will show.
You will find unique handmade graphics, winter, and landscapes of the summer period, Eternal Siege, Lords ready to attack at any time, bloody battles for Thrones, dragons, defense towers, and defenses, catapults, heroes and Giants, cunning rulers, and compelling storyline with various secrets and puzzles.
The offline tactical strategy about the medieval  "Game of Lords " is now available even without access to the Internet.

Game of Lords: Middle Ages and Dragons Mod Apk (Enemy can’t summon in battle/No cost build warriors in battle) + Obb


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