Freestyle Basketball Mod Apk (Alway Goal/NO ADS) + Obb

Freestyle Basketball Mod Apk
Freestyle Basketball Mod Apk 
√ Key Features
Classic 3 in 3 half-court games or challenge your friends in a 1 on 1 game between various other game modes. Play to beat exciting hip-hop music and in the unique street graffiti background; Customize your player's skills and accessories to make them stronger and show off your unique style.

√ Real-Time
An authentically competitive real-time basketball game with instant voice and communication displays. Coordinate with your club mates to dominate the court. Feel the smooth controls for the first time!

√ Awesome moves
Unlock fancy basketball Moves that you don't see in a typical basketball game! Drive to the Internet and do a reverse dunk over your opponents, bounce the ball under the opponent's legs and do the layup, shoot at the sound of the Buzzer-the hitter and ground shots from outside the three-point lines! Unlock new Graffiti and move to grow your player and take your team to higher rankings!

√ Customizable players
Stop wearing the same jerseys for each match. Dress up as a superhero, style your Mohawk, play in your team mascot costume, no rules for what you can wear in court! Customize the player with your unique style and create the most awesome looking team in the Streetball world!

Freestyle Basketball Mod Apk (Alway Goal/NO ADS) + Obb

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