Flame Dragon Knights Mod Apk (One Hit/God Mode) + Obb

In the new Flame Dragon Knights team Fighting Tactics game, we return to Maraterra as the story unfolds...

The Spirit's key awakening marks the return of the ancient tactical hero and their fiery glory but also signifies the comeback of the Great Fire Demon...

Yuni brought Maraterra peace after being burned, but not long. After being sealed in the Soul Hall for 40 years, the Great Fire Devil had stolen the keys of the mirror and was seeking the keys of the spirit. Once he finds and combines the two keys into one, he will be able to descend over the Maraterra and execute the cleaning plan. In order to save Maraterra, Yuni brought the key of the spirit back to his homeland; He and the entrust to you (the family of Royal Guards.) They put hope on his divine power to save Maraterra from danger...

Flame Dragon Knights Features
● Over 100 tactical heroes to collect! The hero of the original game and also the new hero in this sequel!
● Upgrade, level up and team up your battle heroes to strategize your battle strategy!
● Story mode: Use countless strategies to challenge more than 150 stages with 3 difficulty levels
● Complete quests: Complete daily, weekly and monthly original quests.
● PvP Arena mode: Join the world of chess Auto ARENA mode to get special heroes for special tactics.
● Trial Tower battles: Challenging tower floors and collecting resources and base emblems.
● Survival mode: a Hardcore mode where you have to survive for more than 10 fights!
● Weekly events: Conquer very difficult stages on a unique custom map.
● If you are a tactical fan of TURN-BASED TRPG and SRPG games, chess games, Auto chess games, Hero collections, or manga Animes, you will love this game.

Flame Dragon Knights FDK (Official) – Strategy Mod Apk (One Hit/God Mode) + Obb

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