Fixies Town Games for Kids Mod Apk (Full Version)

Welcome to the city game and City game for toddlers! Includes train games for kids, rescue games and kids games for free! Have fun in this 10-year-old kid game below!

Many incidents happen in the city of Fixies! The city needs its heroes!????

Restore order and save The city with cute little creatures The Fixies. Nolik, SImka, Fire, Verda, Toola, digits, Papus, Masiya, and Grandpus are waiting for all the kids in this game for girls and games for boys!

Complete various missions in preschool learning games:

«Capture Spiders»

Fill the jars with a spider! Catch them until they hide! (Educational Game for toddlers to develop attention)

«Hide and search for free Games»

Fixie lost in the dark room. Play hide and Seek and find free games to find them all! (Amazing Game for kids free to develop fine motor skills)

«Catch a Dog»

The dog is in the kitchen! Catch until you eat all the food in this kids game for girls and boys! (Fun kids games for 2 years of age)

 "Cultivated "

Put items on the train and send to the city. Drag items to repair places on the train. (Learning games for children to develop fine motor skills)

«The right place and clean up games for girls»

Totally messy in the room! Find the right place for everything! (Fun cleaning games for kids free and find free hidden object games)

«Leakage of electricity»

It looks like there is electric leakage! Catch the sparks to fix it! (Developing kids skill games for girls)

 "Train "

Buggy is broken! Fix the rails to let the trains pass! (Good educational game for toddlers)

«Clean Game for Kids»

Totally messy in the room! Everything is broken! Use the tools to clean it up in this clean game! (NET game 2017)

 "Vitamin "

Catch vitamins and feed The Fixies! (Educational Game for KINDERGARTEN children)

Complete all missions and recover orders in Fixies Town! Games that all kids liked!

Game features:

9 Children's play for 3 to 5 years of age

Educational mechanics

Kids Learning Games

Cleaning games for girls and cleaning games 2017

Fixies Town Games for Kids Mod Apk (Full Version)


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