Fishing Life Mod Apk (Unlimited Gold Coins)

Fishing Life Mod Apk Enjoy the whale fishing only with simple controls while listening to the sound of the waves of ASMR in the beautiful sea.

◎ Fishing and Life Story ◎
☞ The main character is so normal that he can anyone anywhere go fishing to a sea of memories with his father on a very tiring day.
☞ He just has a bad boat and a fishing rod, but he enjoys the peaceful fishing in the beautiful sea where the sun sets, shooting the falling stars and the sky fades to the lighthouse.
Fishing Life Mod Apk

◎ What can you do ◎
☞ You can lure beautiful fish, scary sharks, and great whales with just simple controls.
☞ Enjoy the beautiful sunsets and moonlight that fade into the sea.
It presents a beautiful view of sunrise and sunset as time goes by.
☞ Sound waves heal your heart.
The ASMR wave of nature sounds takes you to the cheerful sea.
☞ Try to put your fish in the aquarium. Even just see them make you feel comfortable.
☞ Enjoy your own fishing while getting transformed into different outfits.
☞ It's OK to just take a boat and go overboard.
Various boats will take you further to the sea.

Fishing Life Mod Apk (Unlimited Gold Coins)

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