First Love Kiss – Cupid’s Romance Mission Mod Apk (Free Shopping)

Hit! That's the sound of tons of new guys and girls experiencing their first kiss – thanks to you, you're just a little Cupid, you. In this love story game, you can become an angel of arranged marriage and help people fall in love like bosses. Dress up your customers and give them Makeover in the salon, dance classes, kiss training-anything to make sure they will end their dates with a true love kiss.

Love is in the air, in this romantic love story game date! Dress up with bow and arrows and a pair of hot wings, and start spreading love. Show your customers that you are a Pro love they desperately need. Some of them are, will we say... A bit difficult to work with. It's your job to get them ready for love. Give the Makeover of girls and guys, hairstyle in the salon, and dress them up to impress. Make sure their dates are perfect, and most importantly-make them for that first love kiss!

First Love Kiss – Cupid’s Romance Mission Features:
> Make a traffic stop girl with a stunning new and sweet style that is beautiful in the salon. Take them to the SPA so they are fresher back before their big date.
> You have a crush. She has a crush. She has a crush. Everyone has a crush! Help each customer fall in love with their crush!
> Take people to the salon and give them a new look and a serious hipster vibe that women can not resist.
> After the salon, dress up your customers so they will blow their dates away and start their love story.
> Give lovers of dancing-to-be lessons so they can impress their dates with amazing dancing skills.
> Don't forget yourself – Cupids need to dress up too! Which wing would you choose?
> Get Love potion Power-ups and fun rewards.
> Romance is everywhere for guys and girls-in parks, movies, nightclubs... Make sure the date goes smoothly and that every customer you have is an amazing love story game.
> Whatever you do, make sure that the date ends in the kiss!

First Love Kiss – Cupid’s Romance Mission Mod Apk (Free Shopping)

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