FINAL BLADE Mod Apk (High Damage/God Mode/No ADS)

FINAL BLADE Mod Apk The story's Origin revolves around the Magic Sword – "炙炎剑 ".
It is said that in the past there was a group of martial artists pursuing the most in martial arts. In order to break through the boundaries, they will pour their souls into swords.
Yan Yanjian has been a magical sword carrying thousands of heroes and contains strong powers. The power of the world is exciting.

To gain eternal life, the Honglian Emperor vowed to burn every inch of the land in order to find out Yan Yanjian. Even the great state of history, Canglan, could not resist it.

Red Lotus Festival is attacked, and Blue stepped back.
Some people say that in a battle between the two countries, Yan Yanjian suddenly appeared,
It is also said that Yan Yanjian disappeared from the battlefield.
Nobody knows what's happening in the end.

The Honglian Emperor continued to locate Yan Yanjian and ruled the ancient continent with high pressures.
Heroes from across the country refused, aimed at the seal and began to discover Yan Yanjian...

FINAL BLADE features

[The original story X experiences a new World view! 】
The original 100,000-word plot has more than 300 hero characters.
Enter the chaos World and embark on the sacred path of the Magic Sword seal with the hero!

[Spine2D vertical live X painting shows unique people! 】
Extreme aesthetics to create the perfect gaming experience.
Collect your favorite characters, deepen stories that between heroes, and create a unique adventure ~

[Early professional hero X values broken charm table! 】
Wu Zhe-Ren lang: The General guardian of the Black Prince Canglan, like a ghost on the battlefield, vowed to defend the kingdom's capital Canglan.
Assassin-Han Ji: Seemingly weak appearance, but capable of fighting a strong enemy alone, a sexy killer who will kill on the battlefield.
・Warrior-Wu Tian: He has a very high talent, and he cannot help but curiosity. He went alone to travel to the world.
・Shooter – Hung Hom: Born in Dragon Fire Mountain Range, with agile skills and solid body, due to the outbreak of blue and Red Lotus War, stood up and fought with Honglian!

[Traditional version of the special role X exclusive design flirting! 】
The original Korean factory was made specifically to create an exclusive character  "Central Mountain Range-Yue Ji ", which is tolerant of everyone on earth.

FINAL BLADE Mod Apk (High Damage/God Mode/No ADS)

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