Fiksiki Dream House Home Design for Kids Mod Apk (Much money)

Welcome to the Fixie home!

Design your room to suit your tastes and share with friends! 🏡

🌟 what you can do in kids games for girls and boys: 😃

-Choose wallpaper and floor design: various colors, patterns and funny pictures for interior design games!

-Get some furniture: sofas, shelves, bookshelves, and tables!

-Don't forget the electronics: TV, AC, iron or even the Play Station!

-Choose interior Design Games: Pictures, books, curtains!

-Explore extra Cool Item Categories: This has some surprises for you!

Home decor is very fun in a house makeover!

-Earn coins and crystals for home decor:

Play free funny Memory game in the game for toddlers with Cool dog Company-Find the couple for all cards with food and feed the dog! You will get coins and crystals that you can use for new furniture in your apartment game! This game is cool for everyone who is looking for a dream house game!

-Visit other rooms in kids games for girls and boys and dream House games:

There are many rooms in the house where other players live and play home decor! Visit everyone to see the room and help clean up games for girls.

-While playing free memory games, you can unlock new characters to play and get new furniture in toddler games!

You can choose any design for the room (even the orange floor) and place the items wherever you want. The interface is colorful and easy to use so even the youngest kids can play a smart toddler game for FREE!

-Home decor games for kids free 10 years: Home decor, clean house games and memory games for kids 3 to 4 years in this apartment game & kids games for 5 years free!

Fiksiki Dream House Home Design for Kids Mod Apk (Much money)


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