Eternal Cannon Mod Apk (Sufficient currency use)

Eternal Cannon Mod Apk
Eternal Cannon Mod Apk Eternal Cannon is the perfect combination of idle tapping and tower defense, offering a unique experience with an extraordinary style.
The timeless cannon takes an idle extra style of game that players have come to know and love, and stretched the boundaries of what they can.

Game features:

--More than 60 upgrades and research projects!
Your walls can be upgraded and cannons can be changed! Walls can be upgraded from weak fences to almost indestructible walls. What is your defense against enemy attacks? Most fundamentally, you can also reflect the enemy attack back or use it for your own use! Cannons can turn ginormous, not only to spew shells to attack enemies but also to have more features! The double bullet hit! Critically fatal Hits! Toxic gases for the grouped enemies, it is very dominating! All upgrades will be a must-have!

-A powerful system of skills!
Freeze enemies or throw full-screen bombs. Fix the walls quickly, or let the gold coins fall like rain. Reinforce bullets or become immune to enemies for time!

-Real-time Leaderboards!
Always see if your rankings are up or down, and compete with players around the world to see who is a stronger strategy and climb faster.

-Simple and beautiful Gameplay!
The enemy that strikes you has a funny and confusing appearance. Site battles are also different environments. The operation is simple and easy to use, and more is to test your strategic choices.

Eternal Cannon Mod Apk (Sufficient currency use)

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