Doodle Alchemy Animals Mod Apk (A lot of tips)

Doodle Alchemy Animals is a continuation of the popular game Doodle Alchemy. The game provides you with an interesting way to understand the animal world. Put yourself in the role of a great geneticist! Create known and new species by combining elements together!
Doodle Alchemy is a game with beautiful graphics and effects. Original music and sound effects create an unforgettable atmosphere!
Maybe you have a lot of successful discoveries in the game!

Doodle Alchemy Animals FEATURES:

-Intuitive one-click gameplay.
-Beautiful design and effects.
-Original music and sound effects.
-Choice of language. Play the game and learn new words.
-A large number of elements.

Doodle Alchemy Animals Mod Apk (A lot of tips)


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