Days of Decay Mod Apk (One Hit Kill/God Mode/NO ADS)

In spring 2028, terrible serial murder was heard in Oasis City, ruled by the X Institute. But it's far from a criminal case...

All tragedies must be traced back to the first landing of human Mars. Doctor X has discovered a sign of life on Mars and started genetic research from Mars microorganisms.

Six months later, you are attacked by monsters and go to a coma when escaping from Oasis City. You wake up in the smoothness and unfortunately lose your memory. Hunger, cold, fatigue and unexpected attacks of monsters or strangers, none of them are easily overcome. So to survive and investigate the truth behind, you have to explore an unknown world. Be a lone wolf or a lion head? Everything is up to you.

【 Days of Decay features 】
Building ruins, mutating creatures, here is a real apocalyptic world.
Interesting story, free building, weapons crafts, each one is worth trying.
Rich and flexible search system helps you grow faster.
Global Server and multi-player fight against Monster brings you endless fun.

Days of Decay Mod Apk (One Hit Kill/God Mode/NO ADS)

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