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Dangerous Fellows – Romantic Thrillers v1.22.1 Mod Apk

Dangerous Fellows – Romantic Thrillers Mod Apk Dangerous Fellows is a visual-novel based dating Simulator game featuring interesting characters and captivating sound effects. Your choice is crucial in building familiarity with your favorite guys and finally surviving the scary zombie apocalypse with him.

:: Story
A sudden plague of unknown viruses has destroyed the whole world.
Most of the people have turned into renown, looking for zombie blood..........

When I try to escape from deadly attacks by zombies,
I was miraculously saved by some stranger-five interesting associates.

They have hidden safely in a school building with other victims.

...... But, is this place so safe for us?

Can we all survive this strange plague?

Find out the shocking ending of a romance thriller
You've never experienced it before!


1. Unlimited Rubies
2. Unlimited Tickets
3. Unlimited Hints

Endless rubies, for which you can buy clothes in the wardrobe, as well as tickets and tips in the store (in the main menu, click on the + sign next to any currency at the top of the screen, then scroll down the list).

You buy clothes from the wardrobe, as well as tickets and tips from the store, even if you don’t have enough diamonds .
You can get banned for using the mod!