Case Clicker 2 Mod Apk

A combination of Counter-Strike case Simulator with Clicker.
Click, buy a key and unlock the case! Be the best!

Case Clicker 2 Feature
-Arm contract agreements, as in real Counter-Strike!
-Roulette & Coinflips!
-Match Betting system!
-Online Jackpot system!
-Jackpot & Trading System!
-More than 200 medals
-Tag name!
-Ranking system, from silver to the global elite!
— The mission system
— A souvenir system
-Capsule with sticker
— Over 250 upgrades
— More than 700 skins to be acquired!
-Over 800 can be obtained stickers!
-Ability to sell skins for real market prices
And much more!

A lot of money, cases, capsules, and keys;
Lots of StatTrak and souvenir weapons in stock. Factory New;
Lots of StatTrak knives in stock Factory New;
Maximum wounds (global elites and Global General);
Open Jackpot and Nethub.

Case Clicker 2 Mod Apk

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