Butcher X – Scary Horror Game Mod Apk (Endless amulets/Disabled ads/Premium purchased) + Obb

Butcher X-Scary Horror Game is a creepy game where you desperately try to escape the psychopathic. You must be very careful to be on vacation.

Your adventure begins in an abandoned hospital. In this scary Hall, you are forced to participate in the Bloody Butcher's hunt. Only your most important skills allow you to avoid being a victim.

The butcher's soul was filled with dark anger, his presence spreading oppressive fears and deadly horrors. Try to protect yourself from his view.

Nightmare Altar twisted The butcher's mind, creating a dangerous crazy man. To satisfy his dark master, the butcher hit terror and feared the victim.

Butcher X has a lot of scary and scary adventures that will keep you engaged throughout the game. Remember that even the smallest sound will draw the attention of your chaser. Stealth and vigilance are the keys to survival in this bloodthirsty world of terror.


Run and hide

Objects around you can be a hiding place. A terrible butcher will not see you in the wardrobe or under the table. Run as soon as you see the butcher. The Butcher is afraid, so he will chase you. Your fears will be your worst enemy throughout the game.

Solve puzzles

Find hidden hallways and get keys to locked doors, all while avoiding those scary crazy people. Discover how to unlock the entrance and escape before you are captured by the butcher.


One step wrong can lead to a terrible and painful death.

Do you like horror games? How do you find yourself in this scary and gloomy hospital? Look into the eyes of terror, save yourself from a bloodthirsty and creepy butcher who drags you to this dark place. Your mission is to keep your sanity, overcome nightmares and find ways to escape from this abandoned institution.

Distinguishing characteristics

-The terrible atmosphere of the classic horror game

-Deadly Horror Slayer!

-Attention as a key to survival

-A scary interactive environment with extensive exploration

-Enjoy thrilling gameplay

-Dig into the dark secrets

-Gloomy atmosphere

-Deep Story

-Realistic Graphics

Butcher X – Scary Horror Game Mod Apk (Endless amulets/Disabled ads/Premium purchased)

Butcher X – Scary Horror Game Obb


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