Block Fortress: Empires Mod Apk (Free Shopping) + Obb

Welcome to Blockverse-A mysterious and dangerous universe made of stone. You are alone here, and the survival will not be easy. Create your character, choose a planet, and build your house from over 200 unique blocks. Set your defenses using a variety of powerful towers, army robots, and tricky traps. Then Gear up with a big arsenal of equipment, and attack other players to earn big rewards and intergalactic fame!

Block Fortress: Empires Features

• Customize your character from an extensive list of body parts, colors, and accessories
• Choose a planet that is tropical, frozen, volcanic, radioactive, isolated, or earth-like
• Build your house however you want to use walls, decorations, zip lines, teleporters, sculptures, arcade games, and much more
• Defend your house with powerful towers, army robots, and tricky traps
• Attack other players using the great Arsenal of Sci-Fi weapons and special items
• Watch the interactive replay of every battle
• Collaborate with your friends by creating your own unique Empire
• Futuristic and blocky world experience with realistic lighting and detailed graphics

Block Fortress: Empires Mod Apk (Free Shopping)

Block Fortress: Empires Obb

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