Automatic RPG Mod Apk (God Mode/Massive Gold/Massive EXP)

Automatic RPG is an RPG where you can let your Heroes do their own thing.
Why? Well, because in this game, Heroes level up and get your own EXP!
All you have to do is like them all over time and watch them grow into full Heroes!

-Outline Story-
Chronic depression, the government is unstable, and the weather is extreme.
Rising prices and unemployment. You even ruined the morning sunny-side-up
And gets rejected by the girl you like. All these evil deeds the king of Satan.

The king, who realized the evil deeds of the Devil King, commanded
Legendary hero to defeat him once and for all.

Key points:
★ No need to constantly guide your party. Just watch as they fight all by themselves.
★ You will get EXP even when not playing games, so your team will get stronger just by playing a little every day!
★ The Gameplay is hotter than you would expect with over 70 different items!
★ A warm story from the Hero and his allies!

Automatic RPG Mod Apk (God Mode/Massive Gold/Massive EXP)

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