Auto Chess Mod Apk (Buy Price set to 0/Sell Price set to 20)

Auto Chess Mod Apk
Auto Chess Mod Apk 
Innovative Gameplay
Auto Chess is innovative gameplay made by Drodo. By collecting/changing Hero cards, and organizing different formations, 8 chess gamers will compete for the first prize in the following tens of minutes. Millions of players challenge each other every day and have become one of the most popular recreation games of today.

Play Fair
Make a real fair game! The world of E-Sports Games was created by Dragonest Co. Ltd., Drodo, and lmbaTV. Million Pool prizes await!

Strategy rules of the world
Players will randomly get their Heroes in the Cardpool share, and form special formations according to their unique strategy. Evolution, combination, jockey to position, etc. allows you to practice your strategy for the most part. Who will adapt to the tide change and endure to the end?

Global servers
No matter where you come from, welcome to our world and challenge players from all over the world! ...

Auto Chess Mod Apk (Buy Price set to 0/Sell Price set to 20)

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