Aquavias Mod Apk (Unlock all levels)

Aquavias Mod Apk
Aquavias Mod Apk Aquavias is a puzzle game in which your task is to prevent drought in the city. For this, you will need to build your way from the aqueduct from the reservoir to the city and fill the magnificent buildings such as Amphitheater, Hanging Gardens, Claudius Temple, Baths and many others. Creating a decent city is not easy, fortunately, you have an aqueduct that will help you achieve this goal. If you can overcome all the obstacles and get a leak for your urban buildings, the city will survive and you will win.

Aquavias rules:
✔ Simply tap the different pieces of water channels to rotate and connect them together to form a complete chain

Aquavias Mod Apk (Unlock all levels)

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