Anime: The Last Battle of The Cosmos Mod Apk (Unlimited Gold Coins)

Anime: The Last Battle of The Cosmos Mod Apk Anime: The Last Battle of Cosmos is a real-time 2D fighting game with over 30 heroes and villains from anime and manga ready to fight as you see fit.

Are you an anime or otaku fan?
Have you always wanted to be able to fight with anime characters from different universes?
Do you want to fight with Hunters, Ninjas, Shinigamis, Wizards, Heroes or more?
Now all this has gathered in one game. Fight as you want. Whether it's a fight between a hero from the same universe, a different universe or a fight between criminals from a different anime universe that could never be met in any other way. All of them are gathered here in this 2D fighting game for Android.

How to Play:
-Tap the left/right button to move the character.
-Double Tap The left/right button for Dash.
-To avoid hits, teleport to the back of the enemy by pressing the up button or press the Guard button to minimize the damage.
-Press the attack button repeatedly to perform combos.
-Tap the Super/Ultimate button for epic attacks that deal a lot of damage.
-Tap the charge button to be able to use Super/Ultimate attack.
-The first to reach the zero point of health loss.
-If you play in team mode then tap on the player's image to switch during the fight
Anime: The Last Battle of Cosmos

Anime: The Last Battle of The Cosmos Mod Apk (Unlimited Gold Coins)


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