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Aka Seka Mod Apk (Weak Enemies)

Aka Seka Mod Apk
Aka Seka Mod Apk The stage is a different world where the sun does not rise.
Meet  "Tsukuyomi's son " including Takasygi Shinsaku,  "Journey to regain the Sun"  "Japanese fantasies × love " Puzzle RPG!

◆ Start Story
One day suddenly you will land in a different world. The name of the world is Hinomoto (Hinomoto)
There is a world of annoying colors where the sun does not rise.

 "Tukuyomi Boys " to meet in a different world-they all have the same name as the big Japanese man.
While looking for a way to return to the previous world, as "The Holy Girl of the Sun ", to travel with the Tukuyomi Boy.......

◆ A love story and ties have been improved ◆
In addition to the main story depicting the journey to regain the sun, a story of character exists for all Tsukuyomi boys. By raising the level of the boy you can enjoy each story.
In addition, at your choice, the end of the story and the costume changed......?

◆ Easy Exhilarating Match-3 puzzle ◆
Attack with three or more of the same attributes! Skill activation is just OK by tapping a character.
Since there is no time limit and how many times, let's think with the heart and continue the best attack!

◆ Super Fancy voice actors appear ◆
This is a super cute cast member who plays the Tukuyomi Boys!
More than 60 people, including Mr. Aoi Shota, Ono Kenjiaki, Ono Yuki, Mr. KenN, Matsuoka Yujiji, who plays the main cast, will do the main cast!

Aka Seka Mod Apk (Weak Enemies)