Age of 2048 Mod Apk (Money/Free Shopping/No Ads)

Age of 2048 Mod Apk Merges the same blocks to build great civilizations!
With a simple slide, you can go through history and experience great historic moments.
Experience new feelings while building the city through different eras in the age 2048 puzzle game.

Age of 2048  Feature
▼ Simple Gameplay and exciting challenges
* Swipe blocks to combine them in an advanced building
* Build Wonder to develop your civilization!
* Travel through some civilizations from the Stone Age to the age of Space!!

▼ Creating strategic movements using various items
* Recover from your mistake using the Undo item
* Use the Magic Wand to expand your buildings.
* Clean items eliminate low-level buildings to spare more space for you!

▼ Evolution 2048
* The fate of your civilization is in your hands. Write your own history.
* Epic BGM created by professional artists representing every civilization
* Compete against players from around the world. Get high scores and build the best civilization possible!

Age of 2048 Mod Apk (Money/Free Shopping/No Ads)

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