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Adventaria: 2D World of Craft & Mining Mod Apk (Freecraft)

Adventaria: 2D World of Craft & Mining Mod Apk ADVENTARIA – This is mining Sandbox 2D game in Terrain World!

The game is full of mining, crafting, exploration, Survival Lite elements, and Unreal and Most Horrific mobs: Zombies, bosses, skeletons, bees, demons, werewolves, golems, wizards, Wyverns and many others.

• The game has more than one hundred items to discover.
• 3 in 1 fantastic mode (2D Build + survive + Explore).
• Hunt the dangerous monster in the Terrarium pencil world.
• Fatal BOSS Battles!
• Free game upgrades.
• Find rings to get regeneration/defense/health/Power double jumps/invisibility!

★ Mine, raft, fight, and wake up! ★
• Explore the world of unique Terariya, with the perfect generated terrain;
• Crafting items: Snowball, bonfires, silk, buckets, bottles, and others
• Create 2D blocks and use them in buildings!
• A large amount of mass for farming.
• Cultivate your own grass and flowers!
• Build houses to survive, and look for materials to craft new pixel items.
• Mine Tera online for resources, build large structures, crop crops, trees and masses, the choice is yours!

• 50 + types of deadly and insane weapons;
• A large number of armor to safely with;
• 80 + dangerous monsters to fight with;
• 80 + Useful things for mines/crafts/finds;
• You can create amazing structures in this amazing 2D blocky game, or just battle it with swords, bows, and weapons.

Adventaria: 2D World of Craft & Mining Mod Apk (Free Craft)